About Us


Ali and morag have 4 children. Running the farm is a bit of a labour of love; a lot of hard work is involved alongside bringing up their 4 children.


The Cameron FamilyAli has lived on the farm for all of his life, so has a knowledgeable background of the area of foyers.


We are the 4th generation of Cameronís on Glenlia Farm Estate and plan to make our children the 5th generation.


We breed Highland cattle which produce their calves in the summer months. We also have Highland and Shetland ponies, bee hives, hens, ducks and turkeys at certain times of the year.




Whatís to come at Glenlia Farm?


Plans are in place to open a Tea Room and Farm Shop on the estate which will provide home baking, freshly prepared food using local produce and offering local crafts in the shop.